Sunday, April 25, 2010

Barry M Nail Paint in 309 'Pale Pink'

  Hey Guys! So I know it's been SUCH a long time since i wrote on this blog! I'm so sorry! Anyways, I fixed my dad's fancy camera so now I will be able to put up high quality pictures.
  The first one i wanted to do was of the Barry M 309 nail paint. This is an absolutely beautiful light bubblegum pink color and I adore it! 
  Overall I think the Barry M nail paint's are great quality(I also have 304 and 279)! I have had this on for an entire week now (without a base or top coat) and it has barely chipped at all!
*this is 3 coats on the nails very a very opaque look

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Lately i have been seeing formspring everywhere! Youtube, twitter, facebook, and tumblr! They looked really fun so i decided to get one!

Now you guys can ask me anonymous (or not anonymous, if you choose) questions! And you cna see everybody else's and my answer to theirs too!

So get going with those questions!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Best Chapstick EVER

So if you guys have ever watched some of my older videos, then you know how obsessed i was with burts bees chap-stick. I still love it but i found one that i love SOOO MUCH MORE! It's the brand Chapstick, just the regular one but with moisturizer in it. I never really considered the Chapstick brand, because they were just sort of boring and i like to try exciting things, but I borrowed my friends, and by the end of the day i noticed a huge change in my lips! The moisturizer completely is absorbed by my lips and leaves them so soft! There is no waxy feel such as with burts bees, it is just soft and leaves my lips amazing!

It is also the only reason i can wear MAC's Myth lipstick. Before i started using this chapstick, I could never wear nude lipstick in the winter. They would just sit wasting away in my drawer like sad little lipsticks. Haha! But I have no problem with any dryness anymore!

I dont think FTC laws apply to blogs, but i just want to make sure you all know that i purchased this product myself and it was not sent to me! I just love it so much and it has completely changed my lips! I am converted forever!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

My Favorite Online Shops (for Clothing)

Hey Guys! So if you follow me on twitter, you'll know that for the past few days i have been home sick from school :(
All I've been doing is watching tv! But even when I'm sick, I get extremely bored, and have to be doing something else at the same time. What is it that I do? Online Shop! Duh! Hahahaha
Anyways, these are just some of the sites I have been looking on: - I realize this last one is a blog, not a store, haha, but last ngiht the website was down, so i looked through all her old post's and it had the same feeling haaha

Let me know your favorites!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Should I Get Bangs?

Hey guys! So lately I have bee wanting front bangs so badly! I don't know where it came from but all of a sudden I'm desperate for them! Last year i got side bangs, and they made my face look so fat and were just not good! haha! I feel like front bangs may do the opposite? I picture them like little french girl bangs, but I'm not sure how they'll turn out and I'm really scared to get them so let me know what you think! I'll include some pictures of me with different hair styles and a close up, so you can get a better idea of what they'll look like on me.... please let me now what you think!

These are almost exactly the bangs I wants! Pretty blunt, and cover my eyebrows (I'm always really self conches about my eyebrows, esp the that the color is darker than my hair, so it would be nice not to have to worry about them so much), but still sort of wispy and young looking! ...if that made any sense haha
(a close up)
(straight hair)

(straight hair)
(curly hair)
(natural hair)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

TAG: What I Am Using Right Now


Shampoo: The Blond solid shampoo bar from Lush! It's still pretty new so i'm testing it still, but so far i haven't notice change in my hair color, but it has been great at moisturizing my hair!

Conditioner: L'oreal Everpure - I love the rosemary mint smell! and yay for no sulfates and healthier hair!

Styling products: CHI Silk Infusion, John Frieda leave in conditioner spray and root awakening, and for when i straighten it i also include tresemme thermal protection and chi shine infusion

Hair mask: I just leave in the l'oreal conditioner in overnight once and a while


Shower gel: St. Ive's moisturizing something or other, or my lush Vanilla in the Sky soap

Body moisturiser: Lush body butter in Mange Too, and Vaseline Sheer Infusion

Deodarant - Secret

Fake tan: nothing but my laguna bronzer


Cleanser: Start with the garnier cleansing wipes then Clinique mild gel soap (part of the level 2 three step skin care system)

Eye makeup remover: Neutrogena

Exfoliator - The Cure adn my clarisonic


Primer: Benefit's that gal, it's just a sample though so i'm going to have to get a new one soon :(

Foundation: Neutrogena tinted moisturizer

Foundation brush: my fingers or a SS 190

Concealer: Almay clear complexion in 100 light

Powder: L'oreal true match power in C2 natural ivory

Blusher: NARS orgasm

Bronzer: NARS Laguna

Highlighter: Shiseido eyeshadow in Shimmershell - the best i have found!

Eyeshadow base: Urban Decay Primer Potion

Eyeshadows: Too Faced- Glamazon or MAC- Naked Lunch
(today i haven't gotten out of bed though, so none of theses products count hehe)

Eyeliner: L'oreal felt tip carbon black one, and Prestige black on my water and tight lines

Eyelash curler: I never use my revlon one

Eyelash base: never tried one

Mascara: Cover Girl lash blast - My holy grail!

Lipstick: Most days is MAC's High Def

Lipgloss: Again, most days is MAC's lusterglass in Spring Bean

Nail colour: China Glaze in Hope Chest

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Hey guys so i am SO sorry i haven't blogged in forever!! I have just been really tired lately (that's what winter does to me haha) so all the moments i should be blogging i'm basically just sleeping. Hahaha!

Some Updates About Me:


1. Midterms are coming up, and i am freaking out! When i moved, it was the middle of the year and so i was very, very behind! Now midterms are in a week, and there are still many topics that i sort of passed over an never learned, which is definitely not going to be fun trying to cram into the next week! Also, i didn't realize that my new school's midterms are a week earlier than my old school's ones so i bought plane tickets with one of my best friend's Grace to go visit my sister, Brino, in college! So i will probably get hardly any done then! Luckily i have no test on the first day of midterms which will help, but i have been procrastinating like no other (doing this, right now haha) and i am basically just very stressed out!

2. Another depressing topic: i am unbelievably homesick! Like you know, i moved a little over two months ago and i still do not feel at home here. Making friends in the middle of your sophomore year in high school is really, REALLY hard! This has been the hardest year of my life for my reasons, including the move, my parents separation, and my sister going off to college. What i really need right now are my best friends, and it's really hard not getting to see them every day. As depressing as this sounds, i am trying to make things better, everyday i go into school trying harder and harder (even though it does get kind or tiring when you see no results) to make bonds with people, but mainly my goal right now is trying to move back after midterms. My mom always said that when we moved, we would try it out and if we didn't like it, then we could move back in a year, well the thing is that a whole other semester seems like it will take FOREVER! My dad is still living in our old house (which is why i sometimes have videos there) and even though he is busy at work a lot i would really love to go live with him there! It's where all my friends are, and my entire life is and its really just where i belong right now.

3. I am in love with Ke$ha's new album.

4. My favorite color for most of my life, purple, has been replaced for light pink

5. I hit 2,000 subscribers! I know i already thanks you guys for it in a video and on twitter, btu i haven't blogged about it! And i think it is important enough to be thanked for on all three! Hahaha you have no idea how excited i am!

6. I'm loving disposable camera's right now! I still love my digital, but i think that pictures from a disposable camera just have such a cool sort of 'hipster' feel to them

7. My absolute favorite new lip product is the brand Chapstick's chapstick with moisturizer in it (the blue one, but not the classic)! My friend had it and i tried it, then oh my god my lips felt so soft! It worked better than any chapstick i've ever used before! I love my burts bees, but this one feels so much less waxy and much more "moisturizing" haha! Also, i haven't been able to wear my myth lipstick this whole season, beucase it showed my dry lips, but now i can because they are gone! I'm obsessed.

8. I set a new background for my youtube channel page! It's not that exciting, it's just a pattern i found on google but i like it :) BUT, if anyone is good at making backgrounds and would want to make one for me i would really appreciate it! I really want like a custom one but i'm so bad at making those thing! so please let me know!!

9. I got invited to lookbook! For probably over a year now, me and my friend Shinji (she was in my hauls, and i think i have her almost convinced to make YT vids!) have been obsessed with the website! It's basically just fashion pictures of real people and it gives us so much inspiration! Well I'm not really sure how, but she finally got an invitation code (you need to be invited to get on!) and so she sent one to me too! I'm SO excited! I think were going to make our names Daisy (me) and Lola (her) on like the marc jacobs perfums! Because she made her name lola, and i love the name daisy (i want to name my future daughter it) and they would be so cute together! ...I have one issue though! Lookbook wont open on my internet! Does anyone else have this problem? It just loads forever and then comes up with an error message! If any of you have experienced this, please let me know!! Because i can't wait to set mine up!

10. Today my friend Jessica, who is a photography major at Syracuse University came over and we did a photo shoot on the pond in my back yard (and went ice skating on it too :) ! She is an AMAZING photographer, and here are some of my favorites the pictures she took today:
super close up's make VERY uncomfortable! but i got alot of compliments on this one so it made me feel a little better haha
oh goodness, i was frozen!

this one is my favorite! it's my new picture for everything: facebook, youtube, twitter, etc!

this was the tester shot, but i ended up really liking it! plus, it was one of the few i could smile in :)
ice skating so fun! ...espically when the photoshoot was done though, and i got to put my coat on! Ha ha ha!

Okay, so this was me trying to make it look like i was doing a spin, haha! I am a TERRIBLE ice skating! And in no way, shape, or form, can i do a spin! but i figured if i bent down and flipped my hair at the right time, i might be able to make it look like it in the still shot... problem: i forgot to bend my back leg! Hahaha so this didn't really work out, but i like it because its funny :)